Better Balance At Any Age With WBV

When we first began our journey with the BQ Studio, we kept hearing that Whole Body Vibration technology was great for balance and strengthening the body.

As massage therapists with decades of hands-on bodywork experience, this made sense to us — that a strong body, especially strong core muscles, would mean greater stability and balance overall.

But just because it made good sense to us, that didn’t mean that it translated to good science. That was why we decided to do our own research on the effects of WBV on balance.

Research on WBV and Balance

We found several studies relating to WBV technology and how it has helped those with degenerative health challenges. Some of these health challenges, like Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) seriously affect muscle strength and stability/balance. What we also noticed was that the positive effects of WBV training were not limited to the aged or infirmed — turns out, it improved balance across the board, making a difference in everyone from the elderly, to young athletes, and children, alike.

For instance, Scientific Research Journal, OMICS, did a study on the elderly from 2013-2017, showing that whole body vibration exposure increased physical activity and overall health. Lower body muscle strength and upper body strength both significantly increased in all the studies. It was concluded that WBV alone or combined with an exercise training program seemed to improve muscle strength, overall balance and increased mobility among elder adults.

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Journal published research clearly showing the effects of acute whole-body vibration (WBV) on static and dynamic balance and flexibility within a group of college students. The findings of the study showed significant improvements in static balance following WBV treatment compared to no vibration. The study further concluded that adding an unstable surface like WBV increases force output from muscles to provide stability and balance, as well as muscle activity, increasing exercise difficulty and improving joint proprioception. In each graph below, the highest marks are the results with WBV (gray= WBV with shoes, white= WBV without shoes).

If you want to strengthen your core and improve your balance or know someone that could benefit from improved stability, give us a call at (503) 860-3148. We offer WBV demos Tuesday-Sunday, as well as balance assessments every three months with our favorite chiropractor, Dr. Judith Boothby.


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