WBV for Restless Leg Syndrome Relief

Do you struggle with Restless Leg Syndrome or know someone who does? We recently discovered several studies on how Whole Body Vibration may help RLS, or Willis-Ekbom Disease. Magnesium deficiency can often result in muscle cramps and restless legs, but what do you do if you’re already supplementing with magnesium and your legs are still restless?

Wellness blogger, Ethan Green, at NoSleeplessNights.com, says there isn’t universal agreement among the medical profession about the causes of primary RLS, but there are several theories. Two of those theories listed below support the use of non-drug treatments (such as Whole Body Vibration):

  • A low blood flow rate, which reduces the oxygen levels in the muscles. The involuntary leg movement is the body’s way of trying to improve blood flow. If you can increase your blood flow in your legs, it might reduce the RLS involuntary movement.
  • It’s a somatic hallucination. The brain thinks it receives, sensations from your legs which don’t actually exist, such as pain or stimulation. This can result in your brain sending signals to your legs causing movement. If you can break the chain reaction, it may reduce RLS symptoms.

How WBV Can Help

From our research, it seems like WBV may be helpful for Restless Leg Syndrome, but we can’t make any claims, and studies we’ve found cannot either. We tell our clients, first and foremost, to listen to their body, and truly, you are the best judge of your health and what feels useful.

In 2015, Ulrike H Mitchell, professor from the Department of Exercise Sciences at Brigham Young University, reviewed the various medical device approaches and provided a very useful summary of those which seem effective. Regarding WBV, she said,  “This does appear to increase blood flow, but there’s no dedicated research into it’s effectiveness as an RLS treatment”, according to her article the National Center for Biotechnology. At HealthUnlocked, a health forum, we found that one RLS sufferer bought a WBV platform, and immediately noticed increased circulation and less symptoms even after the first day of use.

Lastly, the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine did a promising study that showed how disturbances in blood vessels leading to an oxygen deficiency in tissue may be a possible cause for RLS. Subjects that used WBV in the study all showed an increased skin blood flow. Coming into the study, subjects with RLS had decreased skin blood flow, but then were able to increase blood flow to the same level as normal subjects with WBV. A 2-week intervention with WBV showed a decrease in symptoms associated with RLS, but they have not determined how long the effects may last.

Of the various treatments and drugs for RLS we’ve researched, using Whole Body Vibration technology is one of the most cost effective, with little to no side effects. In addition, WBV technology works as a great preventative for further imbalances and health challenges, as it strengthens the muscles, the bones, mobilizes joints, and increases circulation!

If you know anyone with RLS, struggles with circulation, or has challenges with any part of their body, Whole Body Vibration may help!

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