Preventing Varicose Veins With Whole Body Vibration

A client recently asked us about WBV for her varicose veins. I decided to do some research and lo and behold, there was plenty of information and even photos showing how vibration can reduce varicose veins and prevent future peripheral circulation issues (which can lead to the twisting and swelling of veins). Varicose veins result from a valve leakage of the blood vessels. Whole Body Vibration not only stimulates circulation, but also helps with the production of collagen, which, along with keratin, helps promote improved skin strength and elasticity, according to, Health & Med. Collagen also acts as the primary component for connective tissues and strengthens blood vessels, which can prevent varicose veins from occurring. Supplements like Vitamin C (which helps stimulate collagen production) and superfoods like bone broth (rich in collagen and amino acids), can also help heal and strengthen blood vessels.

Using WBV 3-4 times a week may help with increased circulation, more collagen, and increased oxygen in the blood, which strengthens the blood vessels. When blood vessels are strong, and no longer leaking, blood no longer pools in the ankles and feet, which often results in bulging and painful varicose veins. 

The effect of Whole Body Vibration training and therapy on the blood vessels is visible. We’ve seen before and after photos of veiny legs and they certainly look better after using WBV. When the skin turns pink from WBV use, that means blood vessels in that area are open and circulation is returning. In Germany, Whole Body Vibration therapy has been used to treat peripheral circulation issues such as varicose veins and venous insufficiency with great results.

Simple Exercises for Varicose Veins:

  • On the Whole Body Vibration platform, slowly rise up with your toes and then rock back onto your heals while the machine is vibrating.
  • Massage around the varicose veins, rubbing towards the heart and then allow the affected areas to rest on the vibrating plate for a 2-5 minutes.

A great short video on how whole body vibration helps!

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