Whole Body Vibration & Prostate Health

Many of our clients report an increase in their stamina, and even their libido, as a result of whole body vibration (WBV) training, but there is also evidence to support that WBV may help with prostate health.

WBV and prostate health

One of the most dramatic turnarounds we’ve witnessed here at BodyQuirks is a client that was taken off his testosterone medication because his hormones normalized as a result of training using WBV. He was also told by his doctor that his prostate is that of a “teenager”, which was not the case before using the machines. He is delighted with his results, and is even growing hair on his arms for the first time in his life.

In addition, evidence shows that increased circulation encourages oxygenation, causing the release of stagnant toxins, all of which helps improve body function all around, so improved prostate health is really just a bonus. And perhaps best of all, just ten minutes on a WBV machine is the equivalent of one hour at the gym.

WBV and hormonal response: A study

According to the results of a 2000 study on hormonal responses to WBV on men, conducted by the Societa Stampa Sportiva, Rome, Italy, “. . . WBV treatment leads to acute responses of hormonal profile and neuromuscular performance. It is therefore likely that the effect of WBV treatment elicited a biological adaptation that is connected to a neural potentiation effect, similar to those reported to occur following resistance and explosive power training.”

If you want to learn more about whole body vibration, and how it can help you to achieve a greater degree of health, give us a call at (503) 233-9030. We’ll set you up with a FREE personal trial session with Esther or Tara so you can experience what WBV is all about for yourself. 

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