Good Vibes: Client Success Stories

When we started with just one machine in our one-room massage practice a couple years ago, we never dreamed that whole body vibration (WBV) machines would become such a cornerstone of our practice.

As we moved through that year, we began to introduce more and more of our patients with rehabilitative needs, stuck energy or chronic injuries or disease to the machine. What we found was remarkable — when used in conjunction with our customized BodyQuirks’ bodywork, WBV was helping our patients move more quickly to a state of relief, movement, freedom and improved health.

Today, we own Portland’s only full-service WBV studio and we watch it change lives daily. From the clients who were leading largely sedentary lives, who are now springing back into bodies in motion, to the clients whose chronic pain or injuries kept them from working out that are now finding relief and a way back into regular exercise, to those just looking to fast track their weight loss, toning or increase stamina, one thing’s for sure — BodyQuirks + WBV works.

It’s what we call the Total Body Solution and our clients all agree — the results are life changing.

What our clients are saying:


“My neurosurgeon and physicians have said I’m not doing any damage to my back by using Whole Body Vibration. My stenosis has not changed, but my calcium deposits and bone spurs are getting smaller. The machines seem to be helping circulate blood around areas where I’ve had arthritis, so I now have less pain and inflammation. My muscle mass has increased considerably- my quads are an 1 ¼” are larger than they were, biceps are an 1” larger than they were 1 year ago. My wrinkles and lines in my face are decreasing too. My balance is better than it used to be. My pain threshold from my scoliosis, bulging discs, and stenosis used to be a 4-6 every day when I was living in high altitude, now my pain is at a 1.”

-Maynard Wilson


“As a 43 year old person that’s been active my entire life, my old injuries started to catch up with me and I found myself less able to do the things I loved like skateboarding and riding motorcycles. After 2 knee surgeries, and getting physical therapy, I plateaued. I couldn’t get past a certain point with physical therapy and then would re-injure myself from working out too hard. I couldn’t get my quads strong enough to pull my patella into place with the exercises I was doing and now since coming here, that’s all subsided. After 2 months of coming everyday, my knees now feel stronger than ever and I’m able to engage my quads again. My entire body is stronger and my back pain has disappeared. I come 3-4 times a week, to improve my mood, to feel better. I’m able to be active again and I’m feeling better than ever and have more energy.”

-Sean Cuffe


“I noticed improvement in the alignment of my hips and and that the chronic tension there was gone after my first time using Whole Body Vibration machines at BodyQuirks.”

-Julie M.