Simple Habits for a Healthy Life Talk @ BQ

Join health coach and author, Susan Roberts, for a mini workshop on creating new habits to maintain and improve your health. If you’re tired of being sick and tired or feel you can’t afford to be sick, this talk is for you! In Simple Habits for a Healthy Life, Susan will show you that maintaining or having good health doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult or expensive. For thousands of years people stayed healthy just going about their daily lives…and you can, too!

Join Susan L. Roberts, occupational therapist and health coach to learn some simple (and FREE) habits that will transform your fears about getting sick and put you on the road to feeling good again (without medication, supplements, or pricey gizmos).

Come hear about exciting research that may transform your health!

When: Wednesday 6/07 @ 7:15- 8:15 pm
Where: BodyQuirks Wellness

Cost: Free

Please RSVP @ (503) 233-9030!

Susan, a graduate of Harvard and Boston University, has worked more than four decades with people who struggle with everything from autism to strokes. Author of My Kid Eats Everything and Kinesiology: Movement in the Context of Activity, she is currently teaching professional education seminars as well as researching and writing a book on Sustainable Health for Norton Publishing.

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