Energy Blocks: Surrender — Resistance is Persistence

“Let go, or be dragged.” ~Zen Proverb

There is an art to being in a state of “no resistance.” It seems to be in our nature, as human animals, to resist those things that we do not like or agree with. But as the Borg say in the Star Trek series, “resistance is futile.”

The reason is simple — What we focus on, becomes our reality.

(Excerpt from “The Secret”)

Resistance Defined

The definition of resistance changes depending on what it is applied to. But let’s begin with the basics: Resistance is the inability to simply accept what is.

Why Strive for No Resistance?

We’ve all been there, in a situation that seems all too familiar. Being haunted, repeatedly by the same nagging issues, people or pain. It seems no matter what we do to avoid, fight against, or ignore it — it persists. At times, maybe in the short-term, it has felt like we could rid ourselves of these issues by pushing them away. But most of the time, the more we push away, the more, whatever it is, pushes back.

There are laws of physics and metaphysics at work here, the law of attraction is in play and the simple fact exists — that which you resist, persists.

Resistance is powerful energy, strengthening that which it seeks to oppose. The act of resistance also distracts us from learning more about what it is we desire to resist. In order to understand and ultimately accept something, we must remain open to its energy so that we may receive its lessons. It’s only in this state of surrender, that we can become clear and find peace for ourselves.

Mind Resistance:

In our peaceful mind series, How your mind affects the body (and the rest of your world) , we talk about the difference between left and right-minded thinking. Your left-mind is linear thinking (past, future, critical analysis, ego.) This is handy for many things but not where you want to be coming from when letting go of resistance. Your right mind is creativity, presence, where you remember you are one with everything. Whole and perfect — with nothing to fix.

This is the space you want to live in, where you want all your intentions to be coming from, in order to let go of the resistance in your life.

Body Resistance:

A good example of resistance in the body is pain. Pain creates even more resistance in the body (because it brings intense focus to itself), which in turn can create more pain. Remember, as with anything you resist, the same is true for bodily conditions — what you resist, will persist.

Spiritual Resistance:

Thinking you need to change something about yourself (coming from a place of ego thinking) can bring more focus to those things that you dislike about yourself. The key is to “get over it.” Keep calm and carry on with your fine, perfect self.

How to Go with the Flow

In the past, we’ve talked about the power of the mind, how it tells the body what to do — not the other way around. When we can relax our minds, what do our bodies do? They let go of resistance instantly. It’s amazing.

This is a simple concept but it’s not so easy to do. Many clients come to us with pain or discomfort in their bodies, making it a bit more tricky to let go, because the mind is more focused upon it. The paradox of the mind controlling the body is that we are able to relax the mind by working on your body as well.

When you’ve been working with the mind/body connection for long as we have at BodyQuirks, you can see fairly quickly where clients are holding the resistance in their bodies and even, maybe, why they are doing so.

That experience benefits our clients and now it can benefit our readers too, as we have collected many techniques and experiences over the years that may be of help to you on your journey to the art of no resistance.

Stay tuned for our next blog in the series: Artisans Release Tips 101.

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