Resolve Those Resolutions with Replacement ReSOUL-utions

New year - which direction?
It’s a New year — Which way should you go?

A fresh year means a clean slate and a fresh start. But every year in our desire to set and achieve our goals, resolutions are made (and broken) and in our experience,  a lot of worry and stress are kicked up in between.

Let’s be honest, New Years resolutions seem to cause a lot of anxiety and needless guilt, especially because so many of the things on our collective lists include some kind of behavior modification or tackling those issues that we’ve struggled with for a long time. But these are not things that can be resolved overnight, with one sweeping declaration. Changing habits takes time and to be successful, it also takes strategy.

Strategies that  should include habit replacement. Doing something out of habit is quite easy — setting or stopping a habit can be quite another story. Those who have the most success with changing behaviors, seem to be those that replace unwanted behaviors with something they see as positive. Trading a walk for that sweets craving, chewing gum instead of smoking or complimenting instead of criticizing.

But we’re not here to tell you how to keep your resolutions, we thought we’d go one better, we’ve come up with a list of Replacement Resolutions. Things you can swap out right now (while January is still in play) for those hard-core resolutions you made at midnight, while bleary and under the influence. We invite you to  trade one of these resolutions for yours (no one will be the wiser). This list of easy to do, guilt-free propositions can be used in tandem with your most ardent resolutions or can stand-alone, in case you forgot to make some.


Replacement Resolutions

1. Be kind to yourself.
2. Breathe deeply
3. Find just one thing to feel appreciation for in a tough situation
4. Move more
5. Drink a bit more water each day
6. Remember that each day is a new beginning (or as Scarlet once said,”Tomorrow is another day.”
7. There is nothing you can’t be, do or have
8. Be fearless (you can always make another choice.)
9. When in doubt or guilt repeat #1

Stress-free resoul-utions: Now doesn't that feel better?

We’re looking forward to a brand new year of blogs and to comments from each of you, please stay tuned in!!

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